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Dr Alyssa Burns-Hill

As a leading Hormone and Holistic Health Specialist and Health Educator I am a scientist and practitioner of health in its broadest sense. I work with many people helping them rediscover not only good health naturally, but also a better understanding of themselves.

I have a background in health that stretches over 20 years and includes published books, articles and videos as well as national tv appearances. However, since a diagnosis of breast cancer in 2001, and the choice not to be treated with drugs and radiotherapy, my understanding of life and health took on a different perspective that included the importance of learning about health through the lens of hormones. Hormones affect us physically, mentally and emotionally and as such can provide real insight into a person's life experience and explaining problems with health. This can be a very revealing process for the individual, facilitating real healing.

I see many people in my clinics in Harley Street, Jersey and internationally with thyroid-related problems some of whom have been tested many times by their GP only to be told their results are 'normal'. Accurate and comprehensive testing that combines lab results with scientifically-correlated signs and symptoms can provide many answers and the first step to the right solution. In my experience, having a more solid foundation for your health helps to keep medication to a minimum, and, helps to avoid the peaks and troughs of continual adjustment of medication at bay, especially in thyroid-related problems.

My work brings in my academic background in health promotion (MSc) when I studied: psychology, sociology, epidemiology, communications, and health promotion theory and practice amongst other subjects. My in depth research (PhD) focused on 'Holistic healing from breast cancer through the lens of hormones: Synopsis and synthesis'.

For absolute clarity – I am not a medical doctor.