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Barbara Reed

BarbaraI was ill for many years with horrendous muscle fatigue and pain and many other hypothyroid symptoms. This started after my daughter was born in 1983 but I was eventually diagnosed with ME/CFS as my thyroid levels were supposedly ‘normal’. My T4 (thyroxine) levels finally fell below the bottom of the range in 1999 and I was diagnosed as "truly hypothyroid" by my GP. I was extremely ill at this point.
Unfortunately I couldn't tolerate thyroxine (long story!) so I started looking for information and found Thyroid UK’s website. Thank heaven for the internet!

Lyn gave me loads of information and I saw one of the doctors on the Thyroid UK list who have a special interest in thyroid disorders. He prescribed Armour Thyroid and T3 for me (which I later got on NHS prescription) and I gradually became well again. All the supposed ME/CFS symptoms went – I don’t believe that I ever had this. I think it was thyroid problems all along and I'm sure that there are many more people struggling with the same problems that I had.

Since regaining my health I decided I would like to help others in the same position and give them the benefit of my experience and research. I started a Thyroid UK support group in Morpeth, Northumberland in 2004 and I'm also part of their helpline.  In early 2010 I was delighted to accept a position on Thyroid UK’s Board of Trustees.