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Peter Warmingham

JudyIn 1972 I gained a BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, since when I was employed by Rolls Royce, Derby as an Electronics Engineer. I am now retired.

I met my wife, Caron, early in 1990.  At the time Caron complained of what she thought was to be nothing more than a minor back pain problem but in 1995, after seeing several consultants, was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and has since received diagnoses of Complex Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Hypothyroidism.  Consequently we have joined a variety of local and national self help groups - these include the Derby Branch of BackCare, of which I am now Treasurer, and the Nottingham and East Midlands Fibromyalgia Support Group, of which I am Group Researcher.

I corresponded with Dr Les Simpson from New Zealand about his research into Red Blood Cell Shape Analysis after hearing him give a talk on the topic to the Nottingham and East Midlands Fibromyalgia Support Group. My write up of this correspondence was published in the Fibromyalgia Association UK Journal. I also wrote a short report of the first FMA UK conference held in 1998 for inclusion in the Nottingham Group’s newsletter, and a rather longer one of the second FMA UK conference held in 1999 which was placed in the Nottingham Group’s library. It was at the 1999 conference that I heard Dr Jacob Tietelbaum speak for the first time.

In January 2001 I  agreed to coordinate the Doctors’ Forum, or Medical Advisory Board (MAB) as it was later called, set up to support the newly formed All Party Parliamentary Group for Fibromyalgia. In this role I coordinated two meetings of the MAB. During my time as coordinator the MAB was involved in updating the DoH Fact Sheet on Fibromyalgia, producing an information/awareness leaflet for circulation to Medical Professionals, commenting on the Disability Analysist’s Guidelines on Fibromyalgia and formulating research proposals for discussion with the Medical Research Council.

In July 2001, sponsored by the Nottingham and East Midlands Fibromyalgia Support Group, I attended a seminar on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome held as part of the British Association for Psychopharmacology’s Summer Meeting in the International Centre, Harrogate, and again wrote a report of this event. Finally, in April 2002 I attended the Professional’s Conference organised by Fibromyalgia Association UK also held in the International Centre, Harrogate.

Through Thyroid UK I made contact with the local Thyroid Self Help Group run by Carole Maddison and became familiar with the work and ideas of Dr John Lowe. Consequently I have come to appreciate the importance of Hypothyroidism in relation to Fibromyalgia, something which is probably not generally recognised amongst the majority of people diagnosed with the condition.

I am therefore very pleased to be joining the committee of Thyroid UK as I feel this is the organisation which best represents my own thinking about the underlying cause of Fibromyalgia. I hope that as a representative of Thyroid UK I will be able to help change things for the better for all people who suffer from Hypothyroidism including those with a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia.

In my spare time I enjoy choral singing and am an auditioned member of the East of England Singers, a Nottingham based mixed voice chamber choir.