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about your NHS Rights

NHS logoIn this section of our website you can find lots of information on various aspects of the NHS, from making a complaint to accessing your medical records.


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NHS Constitution

The most important part of this section of the website is the NHS Constitution.

The Constitution sets out the roles we all have to play in protecting and
developing the NHS, and establishing the principles and values of the NHS in England.

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Free Prescriptions

Patients with hypothyroidism are often not aware that they can get free prescriptions for all their medications.  There are other conditions that allow you to have free prescriptions too, but not hyperthyroidism, unfortunately.

If you are not eligible for free prescriptions, there are ways to save money on your prescription costs and our article will help you understand how to do this.

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Accessing Your Medical Records

Under the NHS Constitution you have the right to access your medical records.

You can simply ask your GP and he may let you have copies of your test results free but you may have to pay for them.

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The New NHS System

The new NHS Healthcare System should be up and running by April 2013.  It’s a little complicated so we have written a document that hopefully explains it in layman’s terms.

Knowing how the new system works will enable you to know exactly who to contact if, for instance, you want to get involved in making sure certain services are available locally or want to find out what has been already decided for your local area.

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NHS Complaints System

The NHS Constitution sets out several rights and pledges in regard to complaints. 
Thyroid UK hears horror stories every day of how badly thyroid patients are treated.  Unfortunately, people are not always aware of their rights in respect of complaining. Thyroid UK believes more people should complain about poor treatment.  The NHS is supposed to learn lessons from the complaints people make.  If we don’t complain, nothing will change. 

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Shared Decision Making

Shared decision making is an approach where clinicians and patients make decisions together about treatments, management options and support options of an illness. 

Thyroid UK encourages patients to understand this approach and use it in any consultations with healthcare professionals.

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Last updated 9/11/2012