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The Draft NICE Guidance

NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) have now published their draft guidance on Thyroid disease: assessment and management.

The guidance includes supporting evidence although in many areas there was not enough evidence to come to a decision other than the experience of the committee.

Thyroid UK has long thought that there wasn’t enough evidence for NICE to create guidance and has said continuously that more research needs to be done to enable patients to access the medical care they need including a choice of medications.

Thyroid UK is a registered stakeholder and will be submitting a response before the consultation for feedback ends on 17th July.

We are very keen for thyroid patients to give feedback to this guidance, even though there is a lot of reading to do to understand the reasons given for the recommendations by the thyroid guidance committee.

To view the draft guideline (recommendations only) go to:

To see all of the evidence reviews for all of the areas within the guidance including supporting documentation go here:

You can give feedback in two ways:

  • Via the NICE guidance website -
    NICE state that, “We can accept comments from individuals. These will be considered, but you won’t get a formal response and they won’t be posted on the NICE website. Wherever possible we encourage you to submit your comments through a registered stakeholder organisation.”

If you want to comment directly to NICE, you must use their comments form:

  • Via Thyroid UK -
    You can send your comments to us at enquiries@thyroiduk.org and we will try to include them in our feedback. Please put NICE feedback into the subject line of the email.

Comments will need to be sent to us by 10th July.