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Our Government e-petition
2014 - 2015


Thyroid UK's E-petition closed on 30th March with over 12,000 signatures.

As the e-petitions website is off-line until after the General Election in May,
we will have to wait until then for the FINAL figure!

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who signed the petition and helped to promote it far and wide.


A Call to Action!


fingers holding penOn 23rd April 2014, Thyroid UK re-submitted their Government e-petition asking for research into T3 and/or natural desiccated thyroid treatment to be funded (scroll to bottom of page for actual petition wording).

You can view and sign the petition by going to http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/64191

So, let's all...

Sign it!

Share it, Tweet it, FB it,
Add it to your email signature!

If we can get 10,000 signatures, we can expect a response.
If we can get 100,000 it may be debated in the House of Commons.

On 16th March 2015 at 11.00am, the signature countdown was:

Number of Signatures - 11,467

We do now have the minimum number of signatures (10,000)
and we have received a response, but...

we still need more - no number can be too many!

Have you signed it yet?

Time really is running out... the Closing Date is
30th March 2015
at 23:59

Wondering why YOU and everyone you know should sign it?
Read On!

There are thousands of people in the UK with hypothyroidism who are struggling because they cannot tolerate T4 only treatment for some reason, and their doctors refuse to prescribe anything else because they say there is no evidence to support the use of T3 or Desiccated Thyroid.

However, many patients tell us that they recover their health when they change their thyroid medication to include the use of T3 and / or Desiccated Thyroid. Despite this, the majority of doctors still will not prescribe these medications without official research to back up this 'anecdotal' evidence.

  • "But I've got an overactive thyroid" - many people with hyperthyroidism go on to develop an underactive thyroid after treatment.

  • "But I'm fine on T4" - Many people are fine on T4 for many years, and then for some reason, this changes and they find they need additional T3 or NDT.

  • "I don't know what T4, T3 and NDT are" - T4 is levothyroxine, the standard medication prescribed to anyone diagnosed with hypothyroidism. You can find out more about T3 and (natural) desiccated thyroid in our 'Getting a diagnosis' article.

  • "It won't make any difference." - It certainly won't if people don't sign it!

  • "I seem to remember signing this before..." There was a previous petition in 2011, but the signatures cannot be carried over, so please sign anew...

  • "I don't want to give the government my details" - Do you work...? They know who you are. Do you claim benefits...? They know who you are. Do you have a driving licence...? They know who you are.....

  • "It will never reach 100,000" - No, it probably won't. But if we can get 10,000 then we will get a response. Also, any amount of signatures helps to raise awareness!

  • "I went to the site to sign, but then didn't check my email for the confirmation link" - Your vote will not count!

  • "I'm not in the UK and I cannot sign" - Only UK residents can sign the petition as we are petitioning the English Parliament. However, if you have friends/family in the UK - you can still spread the word!

  • "I tried to sign, but it said I already had." - People can only sign once - but you can still pass it on to other people! :) Or sign 'for' your significant other!

Please sign, share and tweet this petition and do your bit to try and make a difference!

Thank you!



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The wording of our e-petition is as follows:

Fund research into
T3 and/or natural desiccated thyroid treatment for hypothyroidism

Many patients with hypothyroidism continue to have symptoms on levothyroxine (T4) but find that their symptoms are often greatly reduced when they take liothyronine (T3) or natural desiccated thyroid.

Natural desiccated thyroid is only manufactured in the US and Canada but can be prescribed in the UK on a "named patient" basis.

Many doctors will not prescribe it because there are no randomised controlled trials as it was manufactured before licensing of medicines came into being.

Research has shown that some patients have benefited from natural desiccated thyroid but there needs to be more research done to investigate whether this would be a better treatment for patients.

More research also needs to be done on the addition of T3 to T4 because previous research has been inconclusive.

This petition closes on 30th March 2015 (at 11.59pm)