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List of Private Doctors and Practitioners


We know how difficult it can be to find a sympathetic GP! We have compiled a list of private doctors who have a special interest in thyroid disease. This is included when you purchase our Information Pack

If you would like a copy of the list please email tukadmin@thyroiduk.org


Areas covered by the
Private Doctors
or Practitioners on our current list






Republic of Ireland



East Sussex

West Sussex


Important Information

Please Note: The list does not include any endocrinologists, only private GPs and Practitioners.

Thyroid UK is not recommending these doctors and practitioners. They are on this list for information purposes only.

This is the only list of doctors and practitioners that we have, they may or may not be in your local area.

Thyroid UK does not and never will receive any commission from anyone included on this list.

Please be aware that it may be difficult for some doctors and practitioners to prescribe without confirmatory blood tests.

Because these doctors and practitioners are private, their fees, the cost of medication and testing can be expensive. Please be aware these can be subject to change without our knowledge. We suggest that you ask for a quote when you make an appointment. We also suggest you telephone them first to ask a few questions about treatment.


Last updated: 01/09/2017