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Have you been wondering how you could raise funds for Thyroid UK?

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Well here's an easy way...

Guess2Give is a unique way to raise money - anyone making a guess could win the prize!

Anyone can set up a sweepstake - friends, neighbours, family. As long as the outcome of the event can be measured, you can organise a sweepstake for it!

Need new ideas? Tired of asking friends to sponsor you?

Challenge Sweepstake—friends, colleagues and long lost cousins Guess the time of your marathon, newborn baby-weight or even the length of a best-man's speech!

Traditional Sweepstake—they're just like the office sweepstake online for big events like the Grand National, World Cup or even Eurovision! No need to cut out names into a big hat and chase everyone for money. We do it all for you.

To set up a Guess2Give sweepstake, please register through
Thyroid UK's special Guess2Give link

If you have any ideas for an event and would like to run it past us,
or if you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Guess2Give - Social Gaming for Good

For more information about Guess2Give go to: www.guess2give.com