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Sponsor Team Thyroid in A Mucky Race!

mucky races logoEvent date
16-July-2016 11:00

Join Team Thyroid and go under, over and through 10km of muddy, mucky obstacles to raise money for Thyroid UK!
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Louise Warvill, PA to Lyn Mynott is heading up Team Thyroid

After all, she wouldn't expect other people to do something so cold and mucky if she wasn't prepared to do it herself!

Louise says
"I have worked for Thyroid UK for over 10 years and this is the third challenge I have taken part in to raise funds, it is quite likely to be the hardest and will definitely be the muckiest! Please sponsor me!"



Neil Roberts is Louise's fiancé
and she has managed to convince him that it would be a really good idea if he joined Team Thyroid and helped her over any high obstacles! At 6 foot something he is certainly qualified for the job!

Neil tells us
"Not sure what I have let myself in for, but this is such a great charity and my gal needs my help, so I thought I would give it a go!"



Ella, Josh and Ollie are doing the Junior 1km Mucky Race

Ella, Josh, Ollie

Ella says:
My mum works for Thyroid UK so my friends and I have signed up for the Junior Mucky Race to raise funds and have lots of fun.




ShezSherrina Hewes has joined Team Thyroid

Shez says:
"I must be mad...!!! But after completing the 5k sandman for st Helena hospice i decided I needed another challenge. So what did I do? Double the distance! I am very much looking forward to this challenge...please take the time to dig deep for such a good cause...thank you very much"