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They Did It!

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On 13th September 2014, along with my big sister Lisa and Thyroid UK Office Admin Charlotte, I walked 26.5km in aid of Thyroid UK!

The day started very early with Lisa and I catching the 6:05am train to Stratford! We picked Charlotte up at Colchester station and then made our way across London via the Underground.

We arrived at the start line over an hour early so had plenty of time to contemplate what lay ahead!
We were subjected to a 15 min dance warm up which left us feeling a little too warm and then we were off!!

Waiting for the off!

Waiting for the off

I am convinced that the 1km marker was labelled far too early in order to give you a false sense of security!

The route was very picturesque in places as we were walking right alongside the Thames but at times it was a little smelly and some of the terrain was rougher than we would have liked with some parts being quite muddy!

At 5km I took off my backpack (borrowed from my other half) to get an apple out. When I put it back on I was shocked to discover that one of the straps was being held together (badly) by a safety pin which had come undone!  Now sporting a 4 inch, bleeding scratch up my arm, we carried on!

We had been told that there would be a rest stop at ‘half way’ and had rather assumed this meant 12.5km…….!  With all of us needing the loo and having passed 12km and then 13km we were getting a bit worried that we had missed it and the trees were looking more and more inviting….!!

The rest stop eventually turned up at 14km and we gratefully made a dash for the portaloos and then ate a very quick lunch before setting off again.

Poor Charlotte developed a nasty stitch at around 16km and was in a lot of pain until around 20km when it finally wore off!

After the 23km mark there were no more distance markers which made it hard to judge how much further there was to go. We kept thinking we were nearly done, and then we would spot some people ahead of us – STILL GOING! :(

We did EVENTUALLY make it over the finish line! :) :)

We did it!

We did it!

We collected our medals and t-shirts (and Lisa had a glass of cava) and I collapsed on the grass in an unladylike heap and burst into tears!

We had a very respectable time of 6 hours and 20 minutes and we are all very proud of ourselves!

It is, without a doubt, the hardest thing I have ever done.

Am I pleased that I did it? Yes! Would I do it again? No chance!

The next challenge…?! I am thinking about something shorter, but a lot muddier….. Watch this space!

Thank you SO much for everyone who has sponsored us so far!

The final total raised is around £1060.38. Thank you so much to everyone that sponsored us!


Lisa tells us “We did it!  That was painful! Well done to Lou and Charlotte for bravely plodding on. Thanks to everyone who supported us!  I dread to think what Lou will make us do next….! “
Charlotte says “I enjoyed myself, even though it hurt! Thank you to everyone for supporting us!”


Last updated 17/12/2014