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Search the Web
and raise funds for TUK!

What do I do?

Step 1 - Just go to this

easysearch web page whenever you want to search the web.

Step 2 - Set this same

easysearch web page as your homepage so that you don't forget to use it each time you want to surf the web. That's it!

Why should I do this?

When you search the web through this easysearch web page, you can generate about a penny for Thyroid UK with every search you make.

It doesn't sound like much, but the pennies soon mount up and you can raise £25.00 a year - or more - just by switching your normal searching to easysearch!


The Weather Lottery

Please support our lottery

The Weather Lottery helps charities raise funds by providing all the services to run an exciting lottery. We have chosen their Lightning Lottery.

60% of the lottery sales that go through our special link will come to Thyroid UK.

This will contribute towards the funding needed for us to continue helping people from all walks of life - those who have already been diagnosed with thyroid disease but still have health issues, and those who have yet to be diagnosed with thyroid disease.


It's simple to play and the odds of winning are much better than the National Lottery!

  • National Lottery: 14 million to 1
    Weather Lottery: 200,000 to 1

  • Just £1 per entry per week, with a possibility of winning up to £25,000!

  • All you need to do is to select six lucky numbers (between 0 - 9).

  • Every Friday the last digit of the recorded temperature (in Fahrenheit) for six holiday destinations is checked.

  • Match three or more numbers in the correct position to win.

  • Three numbers would win you £2, four numbers £20, five numbers £250, and if you choose all six numbers in the correct position, you win £25,000!

Have a go – you might win some money towards a holiday!

Weather lottery



Save Your Postage Stamps for TUK!


postage stampsWe are collecting postage stamps to raise funds!

If you would like to help us, all you need to do is to cut the stamps off all your envelopes.

The buyer has asked that they be cut close to the stamp (about a quarter of an inch around the stamp) and only cut the front of the envelope so that there is no extra paper sent.



They also ask that, if you can, please send them using nice commemorative stamps but if this is not possible don’t worry.

The stamps should be collected in an envelope (whichever size you have handy) and sent second class to:
Thyroid UK, 10, Bellamy Avenue, Hartcliffe, Bristol, BS13 OHW


3 tier biscuit stand

Hold a Break-a-Diet-Day!

Help to raise funds for Thyroid UK and have fun at the same time, by hosting a Break-A-Diet Day!

Don't worry about the calories for a day!

Rebel against the constant dieting!

All you have to do is make or buy some cakes and biscuits, invite your friends and family round for a cuppa and a slice of cake in return for a £1.00 donation to Thyroid UK.

If you would like to be a Break A Diet Day host, send an email to tukadmin@thyroiduk.org.uk with your details, putting Break A Diet in the message field.
Or telephone 01255 820407 and leave a message.

We will then send you a Home Collection Box for all the £1's and any other donations, plus some invitations and posters.