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Case Studies - Vitamin B12

We are collecting case studies from people who have become well through taking thyroid medication, and from people who are still suffering symptoms of thyroid disease despite taking thyroid medication.

If you would like us to use your story as a case study, you can submit it to us online here

Importance of being near the top of the range - Vitamin B12

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease 31 years ago.  There have been challenges but overall I have been healthier than many.  My sleep pattern was severely disrupted 12 years ago and 6 years ago I had a small breast cancer and my journey of awakening and constant quest to live a life of optimum well-being began in earnest.

In September 2009, my medication was changed to T3 only - 40mcg daily.  I felt better than I had done but was still not sleeping.  At my initial consultation with the endocrinologist I recall him telling me that insufficient T3 to the cells will cause fatigue, poor memory and reduced concentration.

In November 2011, I realized that I was feeling very tired, I couldn’t recall vocabulary I wanted, I wasn’t keeping on top of the routine jobs around the home and my memory was awful.

I saw my GP who ran lots of tests but not Vitamin D - I did this myself.  All the
tests came back normal other than haemoglobin A1c which was slightly elevated.  He was not concerned. I was, as I don’t want to be diabetic and hypothyroid!

My free T3 was, for the first time in 2 years, in range at 5.0 (3.3-5.3), this had fallen from 8.3.  The endocrinologist agreed to increase my T3 to 50mcg daily.  The increase made no difference.

Other circumstances lead me to ask for a printout of my blood test results for the first time ever.  I was given all the results held on the computer -7 pages! 

During the 12 years of results I had 2 Vitamin B12 tests, one in June 2006, when I was very well, full of energy, clear headed and full of vitality, and the other November 2011.  Both were in range, June 2006 - 664 and November 2011 - 182. 

I looked at the symptoms of low B12 and there are MANY.  I had brain fog, poor memory, poor concentration, extreme tiredness, blurred vision, nerve pain in my upper arms and felt suicidal.

The GP reluctantly agreed to 6 weekly injections of B12.  Two days before my first injection I had the worst nerve pain in my left arm ever.  Within 10 minutes of the first injection the pain significantly subsided and it has not returned.  That same day my vision improved, my brain function and focus noticeably improved and the tiredness evaporated.  That evening I felt a sleepiness I realised I had not known for years, a healthy tiredness and I did sleep better than I have for a long time; there is still room for further improvement.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to:  a) get a print out of your blood results and b) look at the changes/variances in the levels.

In the few months I have been using Thyroid UK I have learned and am living proof that we need to be in the top quarter of the range for the MAGIC FIVE – Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Iron, Ferritin and Folates.  It’s not enough to have the thyroid levels optimal we need to have the MAGIC FIVE at the top of their ranges too.

I could have gone on forever operating at a sub-human level, possibly developing dementia; that’s how it felt.  Thanks to this site and my own persistence, perseverance and persuasion I am well on the way to feeling super human and I have 4 shots to go!   :-)