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Vitamin B12 deficiency


Dr Sarah Myhill
Vitamin B12– rationale for using

5th November2003

Over the last 22 years of treating over 3,000 patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, I have developed
a programme of treatment which I believe all patients must do as the foundation before proceeding to
other treatments. Vitamin B12 by injection I see as an integral part of this programme and it is effective
for many, regardless of the cause of their chronic fatigue syndrome.
Those patients who respond to B12 are not obviously deficient in B12, indeed blood tests usually show
normal levels. The "normal" levels of B12 have been set at those levels necessary to prevent pernicious
anaemia – this may not be the same as those levels for optimal biochemical function. B12 has a great
many other functions as well as the prevention of pernicious anaemia. However what is interesting is
how B12 is beneficial in so many patients with fatigue, regardless of the cause of their CFS, and
suggests that there is a common mechanism of chronic fatigue which B12 is effective at alleviating.

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When Thyroid-­‐like Symptoms Might be a Vitamin Deficiency
By Dr Alyssa Burns-Hill

Do you recognise these symptoms:

• Foggy thinking
• Tiredness
• Depression
• Disturbed sleep
• Hearing loss

If you do you may be thinking that they are related to an under-­‐active thyroid, or, even a functional thyroid problem (where thyroid hormone is not converting effectively, or cannot work with tissue properly)? Well, you might be right but, alternatively, you might be suffering with a vitamin B12 deficiency.

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