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Active B12 Test (holotranscobalamin)

saliva testing equipment
NHS Testing

There has been a lot of research recently, showing that the serum B12 test is inadequate and a new test has now been developed to test for holotranscobalamin only.

This is not available generally on the NHS. However, the Nutristasis Unit at St Thomas' Hospital now provides this test. It is slightly more expensive than a standard serum B12 test.

To obtain this test you need to get a signed letter from your GP requesting the test, complete a Registration Form, and you must attend the phlebotomy department at St Thomas' Hospital.

For more information on the Active B12 (holotranscobalamin) test at St Thomas' Hospital please go to: http://www.viapath.co.uk/our-tests/active-b12-holotc or email the Nutristasis Unit at nutristasisunit@viapath.co.uk 

You can also find information on the Axis-Shield website: www.active-b12.co.uk

To order the test telephone Denise Oblein on 020 7188 7188. Registration Forms are available from the Nutristasis Unit or Denise Oblein


Private Test Kit

The Active B12 test is also now available as a home test kit through the private testing company Blue Horizon Medicals.

For more info, and to download the Thyroid UK list of discounted Blue Horizon tests, click here

The Doctors Laboratory

The Doctors Laboratory do the Active B12 test but this is only accessible via a doctor or healthcare practitioner.

Many private doctors have an account with The Doctors Laboratory. The Doctors Laboratory tell us that it can also be done by an NHS GP and they can invoice either the GP or the patient.

Your GP simply needs to go to their website, download the order form, complete it and send your sample to them.

For more information go to: www.tdlpathology.com/test-information/new-tests/active-b12

If you or your doctor has any queries about ordering the test you can contact The Doctors Laboratory on 020 7307 7373
or email: tdl@tdlpathology.com


Last updated 13/03/2015