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Other Supplements That May Help

Dr. Briffa states that sometimes the natural approach will help with a sluggish thyroid.  He often offers supplements before hormone replacement.  He suggests Kelp, Selenium, Vitamin A, calcium, magnesium, the amino acids L-tyrosine, L-glutamine and L-glycine.   Parsley also contains iodine and may help.

For the underactive thyroid:

· Ginseng, (not if you have heart problems) Ginko Biloba, Gola Kola are all good for energy and wellbeing, and Damiana and St. John's Wort are good for depression
· Old Man Banksia: An Australian Bush Flower Remedy for slow moving and sluggish people
· TH207: A combination of herbs, nutrients and enzymes to help nourish the thyroid gland.

For the overactive thyroid:

· Leonorus (Motherwort) may help with palpitations and Tachycar
· Lycopus (Bogleweed) may help palpitations, tightness,  breathing and shaking

Adrenal support:

AD 206 - This is a combination of herbs, nutrients and enzymes designed to help support the healthy function of the adrenal glands.
These preparations may alter your thyroid function and therefore your blood test readings.
NB: Supplemented iodine (kelp) may interfere with thyroid drugs. If you are on thyroid replacement, consult your doctor or pharmacist before you supplement with iodine. 
Some natural practitioners have found that, where patients are taking low doses of thyroxine and are still experiencing hypothyroid symptoms – and where there is a reluctance for any reason to increase thyroxine – the addition of iodine can sometimes "bridge the gap" without having to take more of the hormone.
Ref: Pharmacy Magazine Nov. 99.