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Wristbands and Dog Bandanas

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Thyroid UK Information Pack

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£14.49 plus £2.50 postage


Thyroid UK Wristbands

Thyroid UK Limited Edition Wristbands

£1.00 each

Kindly donated by Wristband Creation

Diana Holmes' Book
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Dr Peatfield's Book
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Front cover of Martyn Hooper's book
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Hatty with temporary tattoo on her cheek
Thyroid UK Temporary
Butterfly Tattoos

Thyroid UK Butterfly tattoo with 50pence piece for size comparison

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Pink Sparkle TUK Pin Badge


Pink Sparkle Pin Badge



Plain Pink Pin Badge

Plain Purple Pin Badge

Plain Pink Pin Badge

Plain Purple Pin Badge


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Harmony is Thyroid UK's quarterly magazine,
which is included as part of the Thyroid UK Membership subscription.

You do not need to be a member to purchase back issues of Harmony.

Two back issues are listed below.
For a full list of back issues, please click here

Harmony Issue 9

  • Thyroid UK Hypothyroid Patient Survey Results
  • Iodophobia and the Low-down on Iodine
  • Understanding Thoughts about Chronic Illness
  • Don't Forget your Iron and Ferritin

Harmony Magazine Issue 11 – 2015

Harmony Magazine Issue 12

  • Pain All Over: Fibromyalgia - Can it be Helped?
  • Metformin and Levothyroxine
  • Lyme Disease – Could this be You?

Harmony Magazine Issue 12 - 2016


Thyroid UK
Dog Bandanas


Polyester/cotton mix dog bandanas in a choice of 3 colours – blue, purple or pink with the Thyroid UK logo.
Each colour is available in 3 different sizes – teeny, regular & jumbo
(Meg is modelling a regular one).
Blue bandana Pink bandana Purple bandana

Blue Bandana


Pink Bandana


Purple Bandana


Please select your size:
Please select your size:
Please select your size:


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